Striked — A glimpse into the story behind it

2022-09-09 12:00:001 min. Read time0 Comments

“With the release of the Gameboy, we became part of the gaming scene.”

This is the story of the three founders of Striked — Tristan Kreuziger (CEO), Kevin Hildebrandt (CPO) & Stefan Boronczyk (CTO). As consumers and developers, they know a lot about the global pain points of the games industry, especially for indie developers.

For over 50 years video games have been a part of every day life. Since the early days developing games has became much more accessible thanks to a myriad of available tools and resources. But at the same time it is even harder to enter the market and make a living based on creating video games.

Tristan, Kevin, and Stefan first met at a gaming event in 2019. They talked about the challenges for developers to successfully place their games in the market. Their talks quickly turned to the role of established platforms and the global imbalance of the game market itself.

From this point it was clear, what needed to be done: To give developers effective tools for selling, marketing, and hosting their games and thus to increase margins, product quality, and visibility. Additionally, they want to give the gaming community a voice to enable better feedback loops between players and developers.

A lot of time has passed since then. After almost two years of planning, designing, and developing, the release of our sales and distribution platform is finally about to happen! We will be back very soon with the official launch announcement!

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