In a world that’s been left to its own devices after The Fall, a small pocket of humanity survives underground, living off rebuilt technology and scraps of the past. Twenty years have passed since society collapsed during the 80s and 90s, and mankind helped itself into oblivion by fighting each other, instead of focusing on the Snowbreed. A lesson well-learned for the survivors, who realized that the rules of modern civilization no longer mattered and finding a new way of life was necessary. One of humanity’s last bastions, The Line, is based in an abandoned subway station in Downtown Los Angeles. It serves as a base of operations for the Harvest Runners, an organized division of combat-ready civilians to not just defend against the undead snowbreed, but harvest them together. The snowbreed carry a substance inside their bodies that humanity has been using since the Fall to stay alive. It is the evolutionary irony that the one thing that turns humans into snowbreed is what they also need to survive. In controlled doses, it’s what keeps their bodies functioning in the freezing cold; without it, they will freeze up and turn. Beyond that, that same substance is used for other purposes, such as raw fuel, refined into power cells for electronics and vehicles. In order for humanity to move forward, the snowbreed must be harvested. And that’s where you come in. After spending years as an independent scavenger, barely surviving on your own, you find yourself in an abandoned base. Things aren’t as bad as they were during the Fall, but then again; there is hardly anyone left anymore to make it as bad until an incoming radio transmission wakes you up.
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