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You can easily create a space to connect with friends who share your interests. Share your favorite games, discuss strategies, and stay up-to-date on the latest gaming trends.

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Curate your own personal feed and receive notifications for the latest gaming news and updates that matter most to you. Interact with the content by liking, reacting, or sharing it directly with others. Never miss any big news in gaming again!

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Our store offers a wide selection of indie games at great prices. With a 30-day return policy, you can shop with confidence knowing that you'll find your next favorite game.

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An action-adventure and exploration game set in the freezing cold.
Cook Fest
(1)Ø 5
Create and design your own complex maze! Cook and serve dishes to satisfy your customers!
Hank: Straightjacket
(1)Ø 5
The time-traveling vigilante Hank has been captured by the devious Unrvaeler.
(1)Ø 5
Enter the brutal reality of war as a father protecting his blind daughter in a story-driven survival game.
Calcium Chaos: Derailed - Demo
(1)Ø 5
Go on a journey by train to stop the evil necromancer and his skeleton army!
The Raven's Outpost
(1)Ø 5
Explore space, collect resources, and maintain sanity. Upgrade and survive in this cosmic adventure.
Goop Loop
A physics-based platformer with unique controls and a pun-laden narrator.
Two Hundred Ways
Two Hundred Ways, the sequel of the successful brain teaser One Hundred Ways, gives puzzle fans twice as many mental cha
Gold Rush! Anniversary
In 1988, Rush appeared with Gold! in one of the most comprehensive adventure games of the 1980s. Now, the fondly remembe
WTC: Recruitment Day
After Grendel Jinx is mugged, she chases after the thief, determined to retrieve her possessions.
An easy to learn real-time global strategy(4X) game.
Manage the paperwork of a galactic crusade!

All Your Games in One Place

Say goodbye to scattered game libraries and hello to our unified game library. Easily manage your games in a single space and import your Steam library for added convenience.

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Earn coins by completing missions, unlocking accomplishments, testing new games, and being an active member in our community. Use your coins to unlock exclusive rewards and discounts in our store.

Stream and Be Streamed

Watch streams of game developers or other players right on the platform. Support content and its creators with a donation at any time - they keep 100% of it (minus transaction fees). Or start streaming yourself, it is as easy as clicking one button!

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