"Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories" is a series of co-operative escape-room style puzzle scenarios for 1-5 players. In each story, you will face various puzzles that you need to overcome to escape. You must use your wits to their fullest potential to succeed.In the "Jail Breakout" scenario, you are a burglar who, after an unfortunate turn of events, finds themselves in a jail. Can you conquer the many obstacles that stand in the way of your escape?Solve PuzzlesFrom security devices to deductive reasoning, wide variety of puzzles await you in each scenario. They are sure to test your wits and intellect.Explore and DiscoverThere are plenty of hidden collectibles for you to find as you make your way through each scenario.Work TogetherPlay solo, or work together your friends, in up to 5-player multiplayer. MORE ESCAPE ROOMS
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