EPIC SCALE, PERSONAL STAKES Iron Danger is a fully story-driven game, in which the action flows from the choices of the heroes and the events that surround them. The fate of an entire world is in your hands, and you will grapple with cosmic magic, terrifying monsters, and colossal war machines to save it. But you’re not a conquering warrior or master of sorcery by birth: you have to grow into your destiny step by step, and you can’t do it alone. Along your journey, you’re joined by companions with their own goals, backgrounds, abilities and personalities. They will guide and protect you, but also bring challenges of their own, and their lives are ultimately also in your hands. Together, you engage in epic struggles and make magical discoveries, but just as important are the relationships you form along the way.
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Windows All Versions (x86_64)
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2020-03-25 00:00:00
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