Easy to use and freeMake music the quick and easy way – with the free Music Maker 2020 Steam Edition.Drag & drop sounds and loops to easily compose tracks in no time at all – no previous experience required.Record vocals, play your own melodies using virtual instruments and the mouse, keyboard or MIDI keyboard and edit the resulting sound with cool effects. With new features such as the customizable user interface and an arranger, Music Maker Steam Edition 2020 offers everything you need to make your own music.Pure simplicity – professional results Discover a whole lot of creative options for making a whole lot of music. There are also thousands of new sounds, instruments and features to choose from. Whether trap, EDM, house, hip-hop, techno or another popular genre – our in-app Store contains all the latest Soundpools and lots more.Music Maker 2020 Steam Edition[/b] Free! Simple drag & drop controls Combine sounds & loops MIDI editing function & audio recording In-app Store with thousands of new sounds, features and instruments
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