Following his escape at the end of Return to Ravenhearst, Victor Dalimar travels to different time periods in his time machine in search of Charles's soul before ending up at Hotel Victory in the present along with other time-displaced characters he unwillingly transported from the past. Learning of Victor's return, the detective heads to Hotel Victory. Inside, she encounters Charlotte Dalimar, who strongly desires to return her time. After finding Victor's time machine, Charlotte tries to use it to return to her time but fails. Victor appears on a monitor and says that all time-displaced characters must be present for them to be returned to their respective times. Victor also asks the detective to help determine where each character came from and gather them all in the dining room so they can return them to the past to keep any time paradoxes from happening. The detective locates the other characters: Dr. Goodwell, Lucy the Breaded Lady, and Franco the Excessive from Madame Fate Benjamin Wright from Broken Hour Henry Sharpe from The Black Veil Allison Sterling from Dire Grove Granny Goodlittle from Huntsville an automaton from Escape from Ravenhearst. Hooking all the characters to the time machine with time helmets, the detective and Victor activate it, but Charles's soul suddenly emerges from within the time vortexes. The detective is able to stop Charles's return as everyone is sent back to their respective times, with Victor escaping in the time machine. In the Bonus Content, Benjamin informs the detective that fragments of Charles' soul are spread throughout time and are causing problems to the time periods. Using a time helmet, the detective travels to nine areas in the past and recovers all the soul fragments. The detective puts them into a case and hands them to the Queen, who plans to make sure that the soul fragments stay locked up permanently.
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