You've stolen a Nauticrawl and its walls, like the approaching sentinels, are closing in around you. It's time to move. NOW. Then you realize... you don't know how to move this heap of metal. Enslaved on an unknown planet, a stolen Nauticrawl is your only hope of escaping the wretched life you were born into. But now that you're at the helm, you have a whole new set of problems. The craft is full of levers, buttons, and gauges that make no sense to you. And even if they did, where would you go? Uncover the secrets of this world, figure out how to pilot the Nauticrawl, and chart a course for freedom. Or die trying. Master foreign contraptions and figure out how to pilot the mysterious Nauticrawl. Explore randomly generated maps while uncovering the secrets of an unknown planet Intercept communications, speak to natives, hack into devices, and chart a path to freedom. Nauticrawl takes apart dungeon-crawlers and roguelikes of the 90s, and rebuilds them back into a game unlike any you’ve played before. Like the games from the generation that inspired it, Nauticrawl leaves you to your own devices... literally.
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2019-09-16 00:00:00
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