Experience the land of Elleros, a complete open world for you to explore in any way you choose. From exploring ancient caves to battling corrupted necromancers, Elleros enables you to play the way you choose. Every 400 years a cataclysm wipes out nearly all life. The last cataclysm was 399 years ago. Wytchsun : Elleros Origins is a single-player role-playing video game developed by Rampage Interactive. It is the first installment in the Elleros action/adventure RPG fantasy video game series. The game was announced on April 25, 2019 at the Midlands Game Awards in Birmingham, with a release date of Q2/3 2019. It features Fireside AI, along with Fireside games-master, to help enhance player experience and quests. It is set within the Greylaw, one of nine provinces of the continent of Elleros.
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