Splat Plorp Squet Pfft

You're a piece of goop stuck in a loop. All you can do is jump and stick to make the loop roll using physics. You can aim your jump and have some air control, so it's a matter of being patient and clever in order to build up enough momentum to get over hills and other obstacles.

  • Roll the loop up hills, over gaps, and other obstacles.
  • Be encouraged/entertained/enraged by my narration as you attempt to reach the top.
  • Fall back down and lose a bunch of progress, probably.
  • Question your life choices.
  • Discover new goop colors.

A physics-based platformer with unique controls and a pun-laden narrator. Jump, stick, and attempt to roll a loop over obstacles. Perhaps this game will teach you patience. Stick with it! I'll be right there with you. In your earhole. Plorp

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