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Can you survive your teacher in this psychological horror game? With only candles for light and trapped in her home, you have to uncover her family's dark secrets. Solve puzzles, connect the dots and escape. But beware: There is someone else playing games with you, and someone who needs your help.

About this Game

Dark Lessons is a first-person psychological horror game. Your teacher has lured you into her house, and she is up to no good. Find a way to escape before it's too late! Explore your teacher’s gloomy chambers with only candles for light and — thanks to a blackout — no electricity to illuminate the place. Examine your environment and combine items that will help you solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Uncover the dark family secrets your teacher is hiding and why you are at their center. But most importantly: Survive!


  • Classic first-person psychological horror game with low-poly 3D graphics
  • Uncover a thrilling story in which you find yourself the involuntary protagonist
  • Story-based puzzles with point-and-click-style inventory system
  • Manage your light sources so you won’t get lost in the dark
  • Atmospheric soundscape instills fear in players

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