A whole new universe for game developers

Your free gaming infrastructure

Striked is a new, non-exclusive store with a strong focus on community building and awesome developer tools to make your life easier.

Striked in a nutshell

What we offer

Create your own long-lasting community. Benefit from our fair & transparent business model. Automate your sales & distribution.

Fully automated

Product shipment has never been so easy! Rely on our easy-to-integrate SDK and friendly dashboard to manage and track your game sales.

Free to use

We offer free gaming infrastructure to anyone, who is making games, and only charge for additional optional features like networking.

Community playground

We place special value on providing you many opportunities to effectively build and maintain your own community across all platforms - worldwide.

Available in 32+ countries

Multi-language support

Cross-platform compatible

8+ Payment methods

Sales & orders

Manage your gaming business easily.

With Striked you’ll always have a clear overview of how your game is selling. Track & manage everything easily and publish a great product.

Key Features:
  • Dashboard.Your personalized dashboard displays sales, transactions, reviews, and support tickets.
  • Your store page.Present your game and give it the attention it deserves.
  • Collaboration.Give your team members individually defined access rights both internally & externally.
Business services

Unlock the full potential of your gaming business.

Leverage a variety of services to increase your revenue, track your sales, and sell your games worldwide. Whether you are an indie developer or an established studio, start using our services for free now.


Check your balance, easily adjust your monthly subscription, and configure your payout settings.

Sales & management

Set up product quantities and country-specific pricing for your products to make selling your game easy.

Game testing

Let a selected audience play and test your game before release in order to gain valuable feedback.


Create multiple editions and additional DLCs for your game with different content at different prices.

Ticket system

Learn what problems your community encounters in your game and let them support you with a ticket system.

Tradable items

Create custom items and let players buy and resell items within your community on a public marketplace.

Coming soon
Learn how to get started

Six steps to your success.

Your success is our success! That’s why we accompany & support you on every step of your journey & beyond.


Create your account

Sign up and make yourself familiar with our innovative set of tools & services that will help you create new gaming experiences.


Set up your store page

Build your store page, configure prices, get your previews ready, and define in which regions your product will be available.


Integrate our SDK

Get started by using our easy-to-integrate SDK regardless of the game engine or programming language that you have chosen for your game.


Upload your game

Publish your game & present the world what you’ve created. Manage your patches, run multiple branches & adapt your game to your needs.


Track your sales

Leverage our dashboard to track your sales data in real-time, to grow your business, and to reach a wider audience.



Get in touch with us and other developers, who are boosting their games with Striked, to receive help and support others.

Shipment & distribution

Ship your game in just a few minutes.

We got you covered with the right tools for each step in the development to bring your game quickly in the hands of your customers.

Key Features:
  • SDK.We offer easy integration regardless of the chosen game engine and programming language with just a few lines of code.
  • CLI.You can upload new versions of your game and create incremental patches. Additional content can be published with just the push of a button.
  • CDN.By using a content delivery network, we can evenly distribute content loads, so the end customers get their games at top speeds.
Development services

Powerful tools for game developers.

Save time & money. We take over a considerable part of your work by providing you with all the necessary tools and services needed to manage and scale your own gaming business.

Copy protection & DRM

You can choose which kind (if any) of DRM you want for your game. Our launcher encrypts your game and protects against decompilation.

Multiplayer made easy

You can easily and conveniently make your game network-compatible and spare yourself the implementation of their own netcode.

Text & voice chat

For in-game communication between players, we offer text and voice chat services. We take care of all the technicalities.


With the help of our API, you can quickly implement lobbies and parties, so your players can compete with each other under fair conditions.

Coming soon

Ingame overlay

Our ingame overlay is accessible anytime with just the push of a button. This makes it easy for players to experience the game together.

Coming soon

Anti-cheat protection

Integrate our low-level anti-cheat system on Windows to make your competitive titles fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Coming soon
Marketing channel

Change the way of selling video games.

Say goodbye to traditional game sales models and embrace a groundbreaking approach. Our social network employs advanced AI algorithms to analyze the connections and interactions among users, enabling us to unearth the perfect game for every player.

Key Features:
  • AI & preferences.Find your target audience by user preferences with the help of our social network and user recommendations.
  • Social network sales.Our social network platform transforms every user into a reseller. With personalised feeds and preferences, everyone is always aware of what is recommended to them based on special interests.
  • Coming soonReseller program.Turn your passion for games into profit. Earn great rewards by recommending and writing reviews. Your opinions matter, and we'll reward you for them.
All communication channels at a glance:

Groups & Boards


Feeds & Polls



Marketing services

Grow your audience and keep everyone engaged.

Build a long lasting community of players by using our various marketing services and reach a global audience. Keep everyone engaged with content & rewards!


Get a clear overview of the KPIs that are important to you and learn how your marketing activities are performing.

Rewards & missions

Set up exciting game missions, so players can keep earning great rewards and create long-term gaming experiences.

Platform achievements

Players can get achievements for being active on our platform and turn them into coins to purchase hardware or digital goods.


Players can wishlist your game to get notified on news, updates, and discounts. You will get a feeling for the demand even before release.


Players have the opportunity to support you with a donation and contribute to the success of your game at an early stage.

Creator program

The ‘Creator Program’ allows players to independently create new content for their favorite games and to make it available for everyone.

Coming soon

Keep your workflow.

Striked connects easily with the most used tools and game engines, so you don't have to change the way you work.

Unreal Engine Extension

Unreal Engine Plugin

Coming soon
Unity Extension

Unity Extension

Coming soon
Godot Extension

Godot Extension

C++ and C# Library

C++ / C# Library

This is an early access version of Striked. Please note that some pages are not available yet or may not function properly.