Our mission

We boost creativity and diversity in games by giving developers the possibility to live off their work and to connect with players around the world.

About us

Who is Striked?

Striked offers a fully automated platform for small and large game development studios to create, sell, and distribute video games worldwide.

By doing so, we lower the barriers to success and make market access and game development more democratic and lucrative for all. Striked achieves this by providing several innovative tools and services that make it easier for developers to realize their ideas and unleash the full potential of their games. In this way, we enable everyone to focus fully on their own creativity.

At the same time, our growing social network for gamers and developers creates synergies and feedback loops for unique innovation potentials and a community that supports each other and evolves. Whether alone or with friends, Striked is available on desktop as well as on mobile devices and creates a new gaming experience through the integration of social features. This allows developers to find the right target groups and build long-lasting communities.

Working at Striked

Company culture

We are living by our values and communicating them both externally and internally. In order to maintain a healthy work atmosphere, the whole company and each individual employee acts on these values on a daily basis.


The cornerstone of our communication is honest and direct feedback, which we ensure everyone receives in a respectful manner. This is guaranteed through courtesy and creating a space, where each member of the team is valued. It is our deeply held belief that this is what everyone deserves and it represents the foundation of a great team culture.


Nobody has all the answers and everyone is learning something new everyday. Therefore we emphasize that making mistakes is unavoidable and instead presents an opportunity to learn from them and expand our horizons. Our culture is designed to freely share knowledge, support each other, and grow together day in and day out.


We welcome contributions from people with diverse backgrounds & unique life experiences. Input from different perspectives helps us reach new heights of creativity, develop stronger synergies, and enhance our problem solving. Ultimately, the diverse composition of our team members with equal opportunities for everyone makes us stronger together.


Everyone on the team is an integral part of the company and we are all working together towards a common goal. That's why we constantly maintain an environment of information sharing and democratic work culture. Every team member is encouraged to question decisions and processes as well as to contribute their own novel ideas at any time.


We are constantly striving to evolve our products and services with new and better ideas. These can come from everywhere and everyone, which is why we foster environments for the open exchange of ideas without hierarchies or rigid structures. This leads us to generate new solutions in a relaxed and playful way with all parties involved.


We love what we do! We inspire each other to achieve extraordinary things and as each individual grows, so does the whole company. We never settle for anything but the best to ensure high quality standards and we hold one another accountable to that. This fuels us to master great challenges along our path and enables us to deliver outstanding results.

Our vision

We strive to create a community-driven platform that is reshaping the games industry and setting modern benchmarks by unleashing human creativity and allowing everyone to experience digital art in novel ways.

Every human being has unique potential

Embracing inclusion & diversity

At Striked, we strongly believe that building and maintaining a culture of inclusion and diversity benefits everyone. This leads to more positive experiences for the people in both the games industry and the gaming communities.

Diversity plays here


This joint declaration of the German games industry is calling for more practiced diversity and appreciation of all people.

Join the team!

We are always looking for people who share our vision. Check out our vacancies, fill the form below, or get in touch with us directly via email to [email protected].

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The people behind Striked

The team

Meet the team at Striked! We bring together world-class people who are dedicated to re-shaping the gaming industry in a new and fair manner. Our talented and highly-motivated developers, designers, and marketers are creating a space for building new, creative, and exciting games.


Chief Executive Officer

Deals with the day-to-day business, so the rest of the team can work on the exciting stuff. Mathematician and computer science guy by trade with a passion for futurism, sci-fi, and nerd culture.


Chief Product Officer

Responsible for strategic thinking and the creative development of the product. His passion for problem solving is driven by a long history in gaming with a focus on tactical shooters and esport titles.


Chief Technical Officer

Family dad and geek with a passion for small details and high polish. Plays video games and makes his own in his free time, since he played Half-Life for the first time many moons ago. Currently waiting for Half-Life 3...


Head of Marketing

Responsible for all strategic marketing activities. Identifies with Norse culture, loves good video games since his early childhood, and had the privilege to turn his gaming passion into a profession. Likes to spend time with LARP or Pen & Paper.

...and many others, who support us every day with their knowledge and skills ❤️
What you can expect

Perks & benefits

It’s not (just) about the money! We value our employees and strive to provide a pleasant working environment. That is why we offer additional perks and benefits to everyone at Striked.

100% remote workplace

Flexible working hours

30 days of vacation per year

Courses & certifications for professional growth

Individual hardware provided

Unlimited access to all of our games

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