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Frequently asked questions

Pricing model

What is the catch? Can I really use Striked for free?
Why do I pay a monthly subscription with you?
Are you another exclusive platform?
How does the turnover limit work?
Will my game be deleted if I cancel my subscription?


How can Striked be free? Are you selling my data?
On which platforms is Striked available?
How do I contact the support?
In which languages is Striked available?
In which countries is the Striked Store available?


How much effort do I have to put in if I want to use Striked?
Do I have to change my workflow now?


Why shouldn't I just keep selling my games on Steam or the EPIC Games Store?
Why does there have to be a new store again?
Is it possible that Striked will suddenly disappear from the market again?
Do you see yourselves as Steam or EPIC Games challengers?


Do I have to build a new friends list again?
Why should I join Striked when there is not even a solid playerbase?


I don't want to build up a new games library again.


How can I create a Striked account?
Why am I not able to login after being registered?
What can I do after not receiving a verification mail?
How can I change my email address?
How can I change my password


How do I login to the launcher?
Can I download a game without the launcher?
How can I install a game?
This is an early access version of Striked. Please note that some pages are not available yet or may not function properly.