Full speed ahead into the new year!

2023-02-05 12:00:001 min. Read time0 Comments

After some insights in our last blog post about cool new features for our platform, we are continuing without mercy!

Our developers are constantly optimizing the platform and making it also more performant. At the same time, we continue to create new features for the community, such as better feeds, a new group system (hello Discord!), the possibility to favor games and certain topics/interests, and much more. In this way, we create an ever better and more individual user experience for everyone and the chance to interact with content and other people around the world.

As one of the next (big) steps, we plan to finally provide payment systems for developers and to publish a mobile version of our platform as an app, which is currently in progress. App store procedures can take forever, when you get unlucky…

In addition, we are of course in a constant dialogue with potential studios and publishers and have an Indie star on the horizon, who might support us and our vision with a great repertoire of awesome games. But shh... more on that very soon!

We are looking forward to bringing you new updates soon and wish you a pleasant weekend!

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