We’re back — Yeah!

2023-01-23 12:00:002 min. Read time0 Comments

After a relaxing holiday, a successful turn of the year, and a short radio silence, we are back in the new year. The extremely exciting, but also challenging year 2022, which was associated with many hurdles and stumbling blocks, is now ticked off and heralds a perhaps even more decisive new year for Striked. Although the year has only just begun, a lot has happened in the last three weeks — especially in terms of general (bug)fixes to our platform, new (community) features, and B2B customer acquisition. Not all of it is ready for print, so we can’t tell you everything just yet — but we promise that it will remain exciting.

First of all, our domain has moved from “join-striked.com” to “striked.gg” — otherwise everything remains the same on the front. From now on, the area for developers can be found at “developers.striked.gg/home”.

One of the biggest innovations at the moment are “realms” (working title). These are community forums on specific topics or game titles (comparable to subreddits). Each individual realm can be subscribed to and all contributions from the realm flow into the personal feed. Soon these realms will become even more interesting, because we are building webhooks behind the scenes, so that news about the respective topic can be integrated automatically. Then users can easily build their own perfect feed with their favorite games and groups. All of this takes place on the social network, so every news item can also be commented on or shared with friends. Currently, there are almost 13,000 titles in our database, and each of them has its own realm.

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