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Welcome back to our gaming platform comparison series! In our previous post, we explored and compared the history and some of the notable features of Striked and the Polish distribution platform GOG, owned by CD Projekt Red. Today, we're going to shift our focus to another popular (indie) platform: By comparing these two platforms, we hope to provide you with valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision about whether Striked is the right choice for you, be it for personal or business purposes. is a digital distribution platform that offers a diverse and innovative selection of games, particularly indie titles and experimental games. The platform was founded by Leaf Corcoran in March 2013, and has since become a popular destination for gamers looking for something unique and outside the mainstream. It currently hosts more than 700,000 products as of April 2023. is popular with budding game developers because it provides them with ample creative space and serves as a great medium for showcasing their work, increasing visibility, and generating revenue. In addition to indie video games, also offers tabletop games, comics, tools, and game assets such as code, audio, and visual art. The platform also simplifies the process of hosting game jams, where individuals are given a limited time frame to create games. also encourages developers to collaborate by allowing multiple users to sell their products as a bundle, promoting collaboration and mutual support. is now available as an application on the Epic Games Store (as of April 2021).


Founded in 2022, Striked provides a fully automated platform for game developers to create, sell and distribute video games worldwide, with a focus on the indie sector. Striked aims to lower the barriers to success and make market access more democratic and lucrative for all, especially by offering a fair and transparent pricing model.

At the same time, our social network for gamers and developers creates synergies and feedback loops for unique innovation potential and a community that supports and develops each other. Whether alone or with friends, Striked is available on desktop and mobile devices and creates a new gaming experience by integrating social features. This allows developers to find the right audience and build long-lasting communities.

Striked & in comparison


For a few years now, has had an interesting way of monetizing the platform itself. The so-called Open Revenue Sharing model has been very well received by its active community. Developers can charge money for games and assets published on the platform, and have the flexibility to set what percentage (0-100%) of the sale goes to the site. If nothing is set by the developer, takes 10% of each transaction. Developers can set the lowest possible price for their products, including the option to set it to zero for free distribution. Customers then have the option to make additional donations above the minimum price to show their support.

Striked handles pricing in a slightly different way. The platform is completely free to all users, with no setup fee for game submissions. Unlike, Striked does not take a percentage of the revenue generated, allowing developers to keep 100% of their earnings. Striked is funded through monthly subscriptions that are tailored to the specific needs of developers. There is also a free package for users that offers attractive terms and can be used indefinitely. By using Striked, developers are able to grow their business without worrying about additional fees, hidden costs, or losing a portion of their revenue to the platform owner.

Community & social features does a lot to foster a vibrant and supportive community that benefits both developers and players. Aside from the ability to comment, one of the most prominent features is the community forums, which are open to all users of the platform. Here, users can ask questions, share ideas, and receive feedback from other members of the community. This is a great way to connect with others who share similar interests and collaborate on new projects. also hosts Game Jams, which are events where developers come together to create games based on a specific theme or set of rules within a limited timeframe. Game Jams are a great way to challenge yourself and showcase your work to a wider audience. They can also be a lot of fun and a great way to network with other developers. In addition, allows users to rate and review games, helping to promote quality content and provide valuable feedback. Developers can create devlogs to share their progress and development process with the community. Users can follow their favorite developers and receive notifications when they release new games or updates. This helps users keep up with the latest developments in their favorite games and keeps them engaged with the community. The platform's staff regularly highlights outstanding games and developers from the community in a "Community Spotlight feature", helping to promote quality content and provide exposure to talented developers. In addition, hosts and promotes community events such as game showcases and tournaments, providing a platform for users to showcase their work. Finally, has a job board where developers can post job openings and freelancers can find work in the gaming industry. This is a great resource for those looking to break into the gaming industry or find new opportunities.

Striked is already comparable in this regard, even though some features are still in development or in the planning stages. Striked has an entire social network that offers a variety of ways to engage with your audience. Integrating community services directly into the game takes the burden off developers by allowing community building to take place very close to the product, rather than on third-party channels. The platform gives the community its own tools to make the platform what they want it to be: there are also forum-like "spaces" for chatting or just hanging out (similar to Discord), custom profiles to showcase your own gaming personality, curated feeds that you can design yourself with friends' activities and news from around the gaming world, and livestreams that anyone can start with the click of a button. Striked offers broadcasting services, which means you can establish your streaming presence directly on the platform and gather your community in one place. By the way, streamers keep 100% of their donations (minus payment provider transaction fees). In addition, users can earn digital coins by completing missions, unlocking achievements, testing new games, and being an active member of the community. In the near future, these coins will be redeemable for exclusive rewards and discounts in the store or marketplace. Striked will also host events with great rewards to give developers a chance to showcase their work to a worldwide community for an exclusive opportunity to gain more exposure. Striked offers developers the opportunity to receive donations via the community, so players can support their favourites at any time, regardless of whether they purchase the game. And last but not least, we also offer the possibility to post jobs or apply for jobs via our platform. Another way to get a foothold in the gaming industry.

Platform support

Like, Striked supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, web (HTML5), and mobile. also supports multiple game consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. offers a mobile app for Android that allows users to browse and download games. However, it's important to note that not all games on are available on all platforms, as it's up to the game developer to decide which platforms to release their game on.

DRM allows game developers to choose whether or not to include DRM measures in their games. This means that some developers may choose to use DRM to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution, while others may choose to release their games without any form of DRM. However, strongly supports and encourages the release of DRM-free games and provides tools for developers to identify their games as such, including a "DRM-free" tag and a dedicated DRM-free games section on the platform's website. Similarly, Striked allows game developers to decide whether or not to use DRM on their games. It's up to you to enable DRM to protect your game(s) from being copied or distributed without permission, and Striked will take care of it automatically.

Library sync

Currently, does not offer the ability to unify multiple game libraries in one place. With the Striked Launcher, you can easily manage all of your PC games in one place and have everything at a glance.

Game selection and Striked are following the same path of self-publishing. Portfolios are not handpicked or curated, and developers don't have to apply to have a game on the platform. On Striked, the entire process of publishing a game can be done by a developer on their own. While the process can be daunting for new developers, there is documentation and the process is designed to be as self-explanatory as possible. has a robust library of over 700,000 games. Striked does not have that yet, but that is to be expected from a very new player in the market. Let's see what it looks like in a few years!

Conclusion is a well-established platform that offers a wide range of games, including indie titles, experimental games, tabletop games, comics, and game assets. As a developer, you can benefit from's supportive community, where you can connect, collaborate, and showcase your work to your peers.'s revenue share model is also a big draw for developers, allowing them to keep a larger share of their revenue compared to other platforms like Steam or GOG.

While offers many benefits to developers, there are some drawbacks to consider. For example, doesn't offer many features beyond hosting and selling games, which could be a limitation for developers who need more comprehensive tools to manage their games. Enter Striked. As a new platform focused on the indie sector, we provide a fully automated and transparent process for game developers to create, sell and distribute their games worldwide. Our platform includes an entire social network for developers and gamers to connect and collaborate on new projects, as well as build long-lasting communities around their games. And one of the biggest advantages of Striked is our unique pricing model. You can use our services completely free of charge, with no setup fees or hidden costs, allowing you to keep 100% of your earnings.

We value feedback and are always open to suggestions for improvement. We take constructive criticism seriously and believe that nothing is set in stone. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in everything we do. We hope this article has given you some insight into our company's status and practices. If you found this article helpful, keep an eye out for other articles in this series that will provide more information about Striked and how we compare to others in this dynamic industry.

As a new player in the market, we want to make a meaningful impact on the global gaming industry, and we believe we can do so by providing a platform that is accessible, transparent, and user-friendly. Join us on this journey and let's grow together!

Thank you for reading!

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