Striked x Godot

2022-11-18 12:00:002 min. Read time0 Comments

Woohoo! The week is coming to an end with some very happy news. Striked is now an official Silver Sponsor of the open source game engine ‘Godot’. Godot offers a great selection of tools, is completely free to use, and developed games belong entirely to their creators. Thousands of people from all over the world are actively contributing every day. We are especially proud to help so many (indie) developers in this area.

In addition, this week we successfully met another milestone agreed with the Investment and Development Bank IFB Innovationsstarter Hamburg. This simply encourages us to continue on our path.

Along with this, customer acquisition is still the main focus and will remain so for the time being. To this end, we recently had a long strategy discussion with the team, which resulted in measures on how we will now tackle developers not only on a national basis, but also internationally.

In addition, we constantly receive valuable feedback about our platform, also from industry veterans. The focus is currently on our pricing model, which will be updated again this week. Above all, the communication of our business model has to go through many iterative stages. We see that more and more people are signing up for our platform and that makes us very happy. Now even the first games have finally made it to us (Yay!).

There is more to do than the days allow. That’s why we’re going full throttle and are looking forward to being rewarded with corresponding results at the same time.

Cheers & see you soon!

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