Fatherhood - First impression

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Fatherhood is an extraordinary game that deals with the harrowing reality of war and its impact on the lives of innocent people. With its low-poly graphics and three-dimensional world, the game takes you on a moving journey into a compelling story.

One of the standout features of Fatherhood is the well-integrated tutorial, which fits seamlessly into the gameplay. The controls are cleverly explained through labels on houses and on the ground, so that you can quickly understand the mechanics of the game. But despite this guidance, some aspects of the game remain uncertain at the start, such as the resource of water. The slow countdown of the water meter creates a constant sense of tension as you desperately search for water without knowing where to find it. The same sense of urgency applies to the resource of food. These aspects further illustrate the challenge of survival in the war of Syria.

More than just a game, Fatherhood serves as a powerful educational tool that sheds light on the real political situation in Syria. Playing the role of Basir, a civilian innocent of the war, gives a realistic picture of how most Syrian citizens felt at the time. The game offers a deep insight into the sacrifices and difficult choices individuals have to make to protect and care for their loved ones in the middle of chaos and destruction.

Building a deep relationship with Basir's blind daughter Asma, is a central aspect of the game. You have to be constantly aware of her needs while managing your resources efficiently. The decisions made throughout the game have a lasting impact on the relationship between father and daughter and reflect the importance of making choices in difficult circumstances. Whether it is to help Asma or to kill her, each action shapes her perception of Basir and influences the development of their relationship. This dynamic adds emotion to the game experience and forces choices that balance survival and humanity.

The focus on hiding as a survival tactic proves the realistic situation of an ordinary person who finds himself in this condition. Basir, a person who has never taken a life, finds himself in a world full of heavily armed enemies. As you move secretly through the destroyed landscape, you are confronted with the ethical dilemma of using violence for self-survival.

In conclusion, Fatherhood is a remarkable game that offers a unique perspective on the human cost of war. With its interesting gameplay, emotional storytelling and powerful themes, it successfully conveys a deep message about sacrifice, survival and the spirit of love in the face of death. It is an experience that will make the players reflect on the fragile nature of humanity and how far we are willing to go for those we care about the most.

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