Calcium Chaos: Derailed - First impression

2023-08-11 10:50:002 min. Read time0 Comments

In the world of Calcium Chaos, an action RPG shooter game with deep roguelike elements, you'll be immersed in a universe that is hit by a sudden chaos. The scenery starts out seemingly calm: the main character sits relaxed in his room, playing his video game. But suddenly a train breaks through the walls and drives right into the character's room.

The train belongs to his girlfriend and she delivers the terrifying news: the whole city has been overrun by an angry wave of skeletons. Your mission? To defeat this undead army with the help of an impressive variety of weapons that have all sorts of shapes and strengths.

Calcium Chaos has a wide range of weapons that make the battles versatile. From an unconventional toaster that delivers crunchy surprises to a bubble machine. There are no limits to creativity here. The concept of combining weapons with each other leads to countless unique attack strategies and never lets the gameplay become monotonous. These bizarre elements not only keep you in a good mood, but also give the game a refreshingly unconventional touch.

The use of a train as a moving base that travels from town to town to fight the skeletons is a cleverly integrated idea. This concept not only provides an organic progression of levels, but also lets you choose weapons, improve your character and manage the crew.

Graphically, Calcium Chaos fits perfectly into the setting. The combination of comical character designs and a humorous approach to represent the world increases the game's comedy. The variety of enemies, each of which has its own forms of attack, keeps the tension high and requires tactical thinking.

The ability to recruit NPCs, collect train parts and purchase upgrades for the train helps the game experience. These elements provide additional long-term motivation and encourage strategic planning for upcoming battles.

Overall, Calcium Chaos is a successful adventure that offers a mix of action, humor and creativity. The unique weapons, the different enemies and the clever use of the train concept make the game an interesting alternative for fans of RPGs and roguelike games.

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