Indie Talk featuring ‘The Sixth Hammer’

2022-11-14 12:00:001 min. Read time0 Comments

Last week we had a very pleasant and interesting talk with ‘The Sixth Hammer’, a Bulgarian indie game studio. They are currently finishing their game ‘Moo Lander’, which we got a chance to play at Gamescom 2022! Right now they are working at maximum capacity to get the game out to their fans, so while they are very interested in what Striked has to offer, they can only check it out in a few months.

However, we got to talk a little bit about the challenges of indie game developers and they shared some of their experiences. For studios entering the business it can be extremely hard to enter the market, to make deals, and get visibility. What Striked is offering is therefore super interesting to them. Our automated approach — publish your game all by yourself, no support tickets, no emails with sales, no long review processes — seems to be a breath of fresh air and makes the industry more accessible to new studios, who do not already have established connections with the big platforms.

We are looking forward to having ‘The Sixth Hammer’ on Striked and are wishing them maximum success in the finishing stretch for ‘Moo Lander’!

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