Striked Indie Radar - Week 17

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Hey Indie Game Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Indie Radar, your source for fresh insights into the indie gaming world! Let's explore the exciting new releases making waves in the indie scene. Let's dive in right away!

Footgun Underground

Roguelike with balls! Prove your ball skills and dribble your way through a randomly generated track network full of deadly challenges! Face post-apocalyptic mutants, improve your balls with high-tech upgrades and escape the underground pixel labyrinth.

Whitewater VR: Extreme Kayaking Adventure

Get ready to paddle through some of the world's wildest, and most challenging rapids in breathtaking VR. With stunning graphics, realistic physics, and heart-pumping action, you'll race against the clock as you navigate through wild waters filled with obstacles and surprises.

A Difficult Game About ROLLING - ReUpRise

Embark on an unprecedented journey to the summit through an unforgiving landscape of mountains, waterfalls and ancient ruins, all surrounded by the vast, endless ocean. In "This is a difficult game about rolling", your determination, patience and skills will be tested to their limits as you navigate dangerous terrain with nothing but a unique rolling ball and your wits.

The Foretold: Westmark Legacy

Fight to explore in this gothic horror adventure card game. Use items and relics, collect cards and survive the dangers in the darkest corners of the city. Experience an entertaining, disturbing dive into the unknown with a creepy atmosphere.


Experimental, quiet horror and exploration game. Walk around, look around and listen to the sounds. No monsters chasing you or jumping on your screen. Can cause fear of getting lost, of the dark and of confined spaces.

Thanks for checking out the latest in indie gaming with us. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, enjoy the game(s)! Have a nice weekend!

Happy gaming!

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